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Now things are getting really wild.

The Museum's 50th Anniversary special exhibition, Nature All Around Us, is under construction and you can help bring it to life. It'll engage your senses, stir your curiosity for the natural world, and help you see familiar places in a whole new way. You'll explore the rich life that thrives in a tree's canopy, create a wildlife-friendly garden, and discover the remarkable urban nature in the foothills around the Museum.

The exhibition opens fall 2019 and is part of our landmark, statewide initiative—Nature All Around Us. A five year project, involving nearly every aspect of the Museum's service to the community, Nature All Around Us is already taking root. 

Don't miss the opportunity to bring home one of the—all new—Utah Wild Thing super-soft plushies available with gifts of $100 or more.

Thank you for joining the pack!