Carrie Levitt-Bussian

Paleontology Collections Manager


Areas of Expertise:

  • Paleontology
  • Collections Management of over 20,000 Specimens
  • Ceratopsian Dinosaur Metabolism and Growth
  • Bone Histology




Carrie Levitt-Bussian manages the organization of over 20,000 specimens in the Paleontology Collections. Carrie is in charge of every specimen that comes into and goes out of collections and also works in the field from March to October to find dinosaurs and other Mesozoic animals that could contribute to research and collections in the Paleontology department. Carrie arranges, organizes and inventories all donations and repositories that enter collections and determines which specimens go on exhibit or on loan. She also inputs data for all of the specimens and supervises the inventory and digital information of these specimens in preparation for importing them into the database system. Some of her other current duties are to curate, number and house all specimens, making sure they are organized in the collections chronologically, taxonomically and anatomically. Carrie supervises two interns and four volunteers.


Carrie’s primary research focuses on determining the bone histology and growth of chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaurs. She also studies bone histology of hadrosaurine dinosaurs. Her specific area of focus rests on dinosaurs from the Campanian Kaiparowits Formation in Southern Utah. Most of her field work takes place during the summer in Grand Staircase Escalante, where she studies late Cretaceous animals. She also works in Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, where she digs Triassic animals.


Levitt-Bussian started working on research at the Museum in 2009 when she was in graduate school at the University of Utah. She worked as a Research Assistant from 2009 to 2012. She served as the Assistant Collections Manager from 2012 to 2013, when she got her current position as Paleontology Collections Manager. She frequently works with Dr. Randall Irmis, Curator of Paleontology, and Tylor Birthisel, Prep Lab Manager, conducting research and field work in the Paleontology department. She writes grants, field collection permits and scientific descriptions and also meets with the public to give tours and presentations for the Paleontology department.


Levitt-Bussian received a B.S. in geology, with a paleontology emphasis, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received a Masters of Science in geology and geophysics from the University of Utah.