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Lynne Zummo

Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences, University of Utah
Curator of Learning Sciences, NHMU

Areas of Expertise

  • Science education
  • Learning sciences
  • Science teacher education
  • Thinking and learning related to socio-scientific issues
  • Design of new learning environments and activities
  • Teaching and learning about climate change


Lynne Zummo, P.h.D., is an assistant professor of learning sciences at the University of Utah and curator of learning sciences at NHMU. She studies how people learn. Specifically, Zummo tries to understand how people’s backgrounds and ideas about themselves influence how they make sense of science-related social issues, like climate change and COVID-19. To do this, she studies what people do and say when participating in learning activities together, both in classrooms and in informal contexts, from museums to digital spaces. Ultimately, the goal of Zummo's research is to inform the design of new learning environments and activities that support all people in making sense of their worlds in ways that align both with who they are and with science.