In image of ancient Mayan stone carving with text promoting Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed
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An artist's illustration of the dinosaur Akainacephalus johnsoni
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Explore a billion years of awesome at NHMU
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Haunted Night at the Museum

Halloween family fun on Oct. 19

Save $1 per ticket when purchased online

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Field Work

Poetry-Science Café returns Oct. 24

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See More Behind the Scenes

A rare opportunity Nov. 3 & 4

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Discovery Classes

Fun, science learning at the Museum for K-7th grades on weekends and Wednesdays

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$5 After 5 p.m.

Enjoy NHMU on Wednesdays after 5 p.m. for only $5 per person!

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Craft Workshop: Cuff Jewelry

Nov. 7 with local metalsmith and jewelry designer Annika Quinn

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Photo of ancient camel's fossilized skull held by the NHMU collections manager. Only her hands are visible. From the Blog
Posted September 28th

How Utah’s Ancient Camel Changed Our Picture Of Ice Age History

Not all fossils are incredibly old or resemble rocks. In fact, some fossils look rather fresh. Part of a camel skull found near Fillmore, Utah, is a prime example.
scientists doing research along a rocky coastlineFrom the Blog
Posted September 11th

Paleo Storms

Paleotempestology is storm chasing through geology. Learn more in this post.
From the Blog
Posted August 14th

Museum on the Move Goes West

Museum on the Move, part of NHMU's statewide outreach, traveled to a remote Utah school: West Desert Elementary.

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