Step 2: Plan your field trip

You received your field trip confirmation email – now what? Well-organized field trips help students – and teachers! – have successful and fun learning experiences at the Museum. Use the Teacher Checklist to help you plan your field trip.

Teacher Checklist (click here to download)

Double-check your confirmation email

  • Double-check your date and time of arrival
  • Need lunch space at the Museum? Verify that you have a lunch space reserved
  • Put your field trip on the school calendar
  • Schedule buses for the day of the trip

Prepare your teaching team

  • Share this checklist and your confirmation email with your teaching team
  • Send out permission slips if needed for your school
  • Preview the Museum for free by printing off your confirmation email and presenting it at the Museum's front desk
  • Develop a student activity – click here for some helpful resources prepared by the Museum

Prepare your Lead Explorers (chaperones)

  • Recruit Lead Explorers (chaperones) – the Museum encourages the following ratios:
    • Pre-K – lower elementary: 1 adult for every 4 students
    • Upper Elementary - Middle school: 1 adult for every 6 students
    • High School: 1 adult for every 10 students
  • Review NHMU's Lead Explorer expectations - click here
  • Distribute Lead Explorer Guide
    • Be sure to include names of students and field trip information in the guide
  • Communicate your day of expectations for Lead Explorers
  • Encourage Lead Explorers to watch the Lead Explorer Video

Enjoy your visit

  • Have your students watch the welcome video before your scheduled trip
  • Assign chaperone groups prior to your arrival at the Museum
  • Bring your lunches in labeled bins / containers if you have reserved a lunch space
  • Have the following information ready to give the field trip greeter:
    • Departure time
    • Numbers of teachers, Lead Explorers (chaperones), and students
    • Bus driver name and cell number
  • Review and bring Enjoy your visit materials - click here

Questions? Email us.