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Vikings of the Museum

Don't be surprised if you encounter a Viking in the flesh as you explore Vikings: Beyond the Legend at the Museum. 

Due to a wildly implausible error in their navigation system, seven Norsemen (and women) ran their vessel aground on the shores of the Great Salt Lake and found their way to NHMU.

Meet Jarl Valdemar, Thorgrim the Eastern Trader, Volva Rundis, Heilhross the Norwegian Skald, Ljufref the Icelandic Skald, Rekkscald the Raider, and his wife, Eymani the Weaver.  Explore their daily life, learn a skill, hear Norse stories, and catch up on town gossip.

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These Viking actors add an exciting live element to NHMU's current special exhibit, Vikings: Beyond the Legend. Featuring more than 400 artifacts never before seen outside Scandinavia, Vikings offers a contemporary look at the mysterious seafarers, farmers, traders, and plunderers who explored and harassed Europe more than 1,000 years ago.


This performance series continues an ongoing tradition of museum theater at NHMU. Since 2007, professional actors, students from the University of Utah’s Departments of Theater and Modern Dance have assisted Museum staff in producing entertaining and educational performances to supplement special exhibits and community events. 

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