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Research Quest Live sign up

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As schools make plans to help slow the spread of coronavirus, NHMU is making its award-winning Research Quest science program available live, online to students throughout Utah and the country.

Currently, NHMU has plans to offer classes Monday through Friday from 9:30-10:30 AM MDT. We've also been experimenting with post-class, virtual study halls.

Next Week's Schedule - All classes begin at 9:30 AM MDT

We'll be exploring the Mysteries of Cleveland-Dinosaur Quarry. 

  • Monday, March 30: What dinosaur did these bones come from? Part 1
    Study Hall Guest at 10:30 am: NHMU Paleo Lab Manger, Tylor Birthisel

  • Tuesday, March 31: What dinosaur did these bones come from? Part 2
    Study Hall Guest at 10:30 am: NHMU Paleontology Research Associate, Dr. Mark Loewen

  • Wednesday, April 1: What happened at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry?
    Study Hall Guests at 10:30 am: T.J. Ferrill, Head of Creative Spaces, Creativity, & Innovation Services, J. Willard Marriott Library and Jesse Pruitt, Idaho Virtualization Laboratory Manager

  • Thursday, April 2: What physical features helped a dinosaur survive?
    Study Hall Guests at 10:30 am: NHMU Paleontology Collections Manager, Carrie Levitt-Bussian and Dr. Roger Altizer, Associate Director, Entertainment Arts Engineering and Director of Digital Medicine, Center for Medical Innovation

  • Friday, April 3: Q&A with NHMU Chief Curator and Curator of Paleontology Dr. Randy Irmist

Future Classes: We'll spend the weeks of April 6th and 13th with NHMU Paleobotanist Dr. Mitchell Power and NHMU Educator Isabel Perez-Vega who will take you and your student or child on an adventure through Utah's majestic Uinta Mountains. Together, we will research four scientific questions that will allow you to tackle current topics like the impact of climate change on biodiversity in this forest.

Be sure to sign up below for instructions on how to join us.

Research Quest Classes are:

  • Designed for middle school students to work independently, and younger students with help

  • Facilitated by a professional NHMU educator

  • Interactive and available free of charge

  • Offered weekdays beginning at 9:30 AM MDT

  • Taught in multiple sessions with fresh content each day

You can do some, or all, the classes. And you do not need to do them in order!

We'll offer all students who complete each class a digital Certificate of Completion. 

This is a new project for NHMU and we're looking forward to learning with you. Following each class, you'll be invited to share your ideas, feedback, and suggested questions for NHMU scientists.

We'll be making archived sessions available following each class, so if you miss a session don't worry — you'll be able to do it, with NHMU assistance, anytime. Visit our archive page here.

If you're a current Research Quest user, please note that you can continue to use these resources as you currently do.This offering is designed as an additional service at a time when some schools are mobilizing to create the best possible distance learning opportunities for their students.

Research Quest is a free service from the Natural History Museum of Utah at the University of Utah. It's designed for middle school students and provides supplemental science education and critical thinking opportunities using research and objects from NHMU's collections. Our Friday broadcasts are good for all ages, including adults. 

Sign up below to join the Research Quest Live community and get full instructions for future broadcasts.

We'll email information the day before each class so you can get ready.