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Salt Lake City Neighborhood Naturalists

What's living in your neighborhood?

  • Are you curious about the plants and animals living in Salt Lake City?
  • Would you like to help improve the health of our urban green spaces?
  • Looking for a great way to spend time outside with family and friends?

Join NHMU and Salt Lake City in recording the wildlife in our neighborhoods.

SLC Neighborhood Naturalist engages citizen science volunteers—like you—in finding and identifying the wild plants and animals living in the open spaces managed by Salt Lake City. City staff will use the data we gather to help guide their management and restoration efforts.

Find an upcoming SLC Neighborhood Naturalist event below. All program activities will be provided in Spanish and English.

View our Citizen Science-collected data from SLCNN events to see what and where we have observed so far. Follow this iNaturalist proect to learn more about upcoming events, and how to get involved! 

Who can participate in SLC Neighborhood Naturalists?

Anyone! All events are free and open to the public. If you're curious about the natural world, enjoy walking along trails, and like turning over leaves and stones, this program is for you. Kids are welcome.

Do I need scientific knowledge or experience to participate?

Nope, although we welcome experts to join us. Just bring your mobile device and your powers of observation. We use the iNaturalist app to document the plants and animals we find. Museum staff and volunteers will be on hand to help you learn to use iNaturalist.  Watch a short iNaturalist tutorial to learn how to make great observations.

What do I need to bring?

  • Bring your mobile device. If you don't have a mobile device, we'll have some on hand you can check out. If possible, download the iNaturalist app and set up your account before you arrive. If you need help getting set up, we'll be happy to assist you at the event.
  • Long pants, closed-toe shoes, a water bottle, and sunscreen will help keep you safe and comfortable. You may want a daypack, jacket, or hat. Feel free to bring your favorite field guide on plants, birds, insects, etc.

What else will there be to do at a SLC Neighborhood Naturalists event?

We'll have hands-on nature activities for kids plus snacks and water for all to enjoy.

Special thanks to our partners: