Statement from NHMU on Injustice and Racism

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June 5, 2020

We are heartbroken by the injustice and systemic racism that threatens Black Americans and communities of color everywhere. We stand in solidarity with those who are grieving, with those who are angry, and with those who feel helpless. We stand alongside those committed to racial equality and justice. 

At NHMU, diversity is a core value. We strive to serve diverse audiences; we recognize that our strength and sustainability as an organization stems from diversity and inclusion.

We recognize our privilege. We acknowledge that museums have a long history of colonialism, and that the academic sciences are plagued with systemic injustices. These are systems and structures that urgently need to be examined and rebuilt. 

From this place of humility, NHMU is committed to learning from our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community and exploring how we can be a better advocate and ally. We’re listening. We want to learn. We recognize our role as an educational institution for our community. Right now, that education starts with us. 

We acknowledge the need to reflect on our institutional culture and we realize that more must be done. The journey to social justice and racial equity is long, and NHMU is committed to taking significant steps to advance this work. We cannot return to “business as usual.”

We aspire to be a safe space in our community, and will be responsive whenever we fall short. To that end:

  1. We offer the Museum to those in our community who lead and participate in difficult conversations.
  2. We pledge to seek out and create partnerships with people and organizations actively doing this work. 
  3. We invite our community to hold us accountable by pointing out our biases and missteps. Please contact us at: