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Interactive summer sessions running through August 29!



Four Day Adventures Overview

The Adventure Begins June 8REGISTER

Explore nature in your own backyard and discover science at home!

Join NHMU scientists, educators, and other young explorers for themed experiences and engaging science experiments, art projects, games, and activities. Each Adventure will help get kids off the couch and out of the house! Live-streamed conversations launch your child’s outdoor exploration and help develop science skills that your explorer can use all summer long.

Have questions about how to move an existing Summer Camp registration to a Summer@Home program? Want information about refunds? Check out our growing Summer@Home FAQ.

How Adventures Work

Participants will enjoy three days of explorations guided by an instructor, followed by a fourth day featuring a live Q&A with a scientist. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday sessions include: 

  • Online activities and conversation - 35 minutes 
  • Offline activity - 35 minutes 
  • Online activities and conversation - 35 minutes 
  • Independent project using Adventure-in-a-Box supplies - 75 minutes completed at your own pace and on your own time

On Friday, your child will spend 30 minutes with a scientist and get answers to their burning questions. (Scientist discussions will occur on Thursday during the weeks of July 4 and 24.)

Designed for Young Adventurers 

Each Adventure is created to be enjoyed independently by rising 2nd-5th graders. Younger children will be engaged, but may need assistance. Older children may also enjoy these programs and want to dive deeper into the topics.

Adventure groups include ten children led by at least two facilitators. Each Adventure will use the Zoom platform for online conversations, and internet access will be required.

Fees and What's Included

Four Day Adventures are $65 ($60 for Museum members). Before your Adventure begins, we'll mail an Adventure-in-a-Box kit that contains all necessary instructions and supplies including some very cool Summer@Home swag for your child — and you!

Weekly Adventure Themes

  • Bugs Adventure: Discover the diverse world of insects and spiders that live nearby!  Explorers will search for critters, draw, dance, build a bug home, and talk with a Museum entomologist! You’ll “bee” an expert in all things bug after this Adventure!
  • Plants Adventure: Investigate the amazing and beautiful plants that live nearby!  Explorers will identify plants, inspect flowers and root systems, discover surprising plant adaptations, create plant-inspired works-of-art, and talk with a botanist!  “Branch” out and sign up for this Adventure! 
  • Birds Adventure: Discover the birds that nest, feed, and fly nearby!  Explorers will observe and draw birds, build a bird feeder, listen to a variety of bird songs, and talk with an ornithologist!  Be sure to sign up for this “egg-citing” Adventure!
  • Water Adventure: Dive into the wonderful world of water! Explorers will discover the shape of water and learn what makes ice so “cool.” We’ll find out if water can climb and meet a scientist who studies the amazing properties of H2O. Put on your swimsuits and make a splash this summer!
  • Engineering In Nature: Why don’t woodpeckers get headaches? What makes eggshells so strong? Why do we notice hexagons in beehives? Explorers will experiment with shapes, go on a scavenger hunt for patterns outdoors, build designs to test for strength, and talk with a biologist. Sign up and design some summer fun!