Adult Programs

A Journey of the Mind: Asking Animals How We Became Human

Nature of Things Lecture: Dr. Brian Hare explores the evolution of the human mind by studying the bonobo, chimpanzee, and dogs. Join us for a discussion on how revealing the secrets of these animals helps us understand what it is that makes humans truly unique. Free event open to the public.

Redefining Human: How Microbes Influence Who We Are

Nature of Things Lecture: Dr. June Round, microbiologist at the University of Utah, explores the microscopic creatures that inhabit our bodies, how they influence our development, and how these organisms can treat various ailments and diseases. Free lecture open to the public.

Secrets in the Sands: Revelations into How we Became Human

Nature of Things Lecture Reservations for Dr. Leakey's lecture are are now full. Her presentation exploring the human journey over the past four million years will be broadcast live on KCPW 88.3 FM.

Knowing Thyself: What it Means to be a Human with a Brain

Nature of Things Keynote Lecture: Join neuroscientist and author Dr. David Eagleman as he delves into the depths of the subconscious to investigate some of the deepest mysteries about what it means to be human. Tickets now available!

Neuroplasticity: New Stories about Your Brain

Nature of Things Lecture: While the previous dogma has held that the adult brain is essentially fixed in form and function from the age of three, it is now clear that the brain can change its structure and patterns of activity throughout life. Renowned science journalist Sharon Begley has been writing about this paradigm shift for over ten years. Join us as Begley shares an astonishing story with implications for health, disease, and emotional balance featuring, among others, a scientist who thinks he can cure dyslexia, a blind Turkish painter, and the Dalai Lama.

Storytelling: Clear Proof Scientists Descended from Humans

Nature of Things Lecture: Randy Olson, a scientist-turned-filmmaker, believes scientists descended from humans and still possess vestiges of storytelling skills that can make their communications more effective. Join Olson for an exploration the crucial role of storytelling in the mass communication of science.

Why Science Matters

Nature of Things Keynote Lecture: Join Dr. Brian Greene for a whirlwind exploration of one science story -- the quest to unravel some of the biggest mysteries of space and time -- and come away with a visceral understanding of why science matters. Greene distills impossibly complex theoretical physics, like the concept of the multiverse, into a form we can all understand. Tickets for this event are $10 per person.