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Trailhead to Utah

The Trailhead to Utah will no longer be available as of August 31, 2021.


The Museum is your Trailhead to Utah

Use NHMU’s mobile guide, Trailhead to Utah, to find new ways to explore the Museum and discover opportunities to extend your adventures into the natural world throughout the state. The Trailhead features over 70 unique stops with a variety of expanded content, like audio recordings, interactive illustrations, and ideas for places to visit around the region.

How to use the Trailhead to Utah

1. Bring your mobile device on your visit to the Museum.
2. Enter into your browser. Android and Apple users can download the NHMU Trailhead app from the App Store by searching for "NHMU Trailhead"
3. Choose a theme or simply explore the stops that interest you.

First time visitor? Discover "must see" objects in the Museum's collections.  Use the Trailhead at the Museum

  • Want to know more? Dig deeper into the stories behind the exhibits and hear from science experts.
  • Into social media? Use the "Share" function to post about your visit.
  • Inspired to see more? Use the "Go Further" function to connect what you see in the Museum to sites and experiences throughout the regions.

Take the Trailhead experience with you

Use the app/url any time, anywhere. Create an account to access personalized content—videos, links, destinations, and more—all based on Trailhead stops you explore when you visit the Museum. With the Trailhead as your guide, forge your own trail to discover Utah’s astounding paleontology, biological diversity, and the lifeways of Utah’s ancient peoples.

Having problems? 

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