Trailhead to Utah


The Museum as your Trailhead to Utah

The Trailhead to Utah is an innovative technology-based, way-finding system through the Natural History Museum of Utah's galleries. We aim to connect our visitors to concepts in natural history, our expansive collection and serve as your "trailhead" to explorations of the natural wonders throughout the state.

Find your own way through the galleries, using your smartphone as your guide. You'll learn more of the secrets of Utah's ecosystems, fossil record, and native cultures, its water and energy cycles, and the forces that shape and sustain life here. And you'll discover your own place in this diverse and dynamic state.

Choose a Theme

Each theme takes you further into various aspects of the exhibits and connects you to the world outside. Follow one theme during your visit, or explore them all. 

  • Highlights  -  Museums are reservoirs of place memory. Delve into objects that tell Utah's story best. 
  • Energy & Energy Efficiency  -  Learn the story of energy, and find out how you can become more energy efficient. 
  • Inspired by Nature  -  Discover the process and inspiration behind the words, paintings, photographs, native objects, reconstructions, and installations. 
  • Sustainability  -  Explore strategies nature uses to sustain Earth's species, and how we're tackling sustainability challenges today.

How to Use the Trailhead to Utah

  1. Visit the Museum
  2. Launch your phone's browser to access the Trailhead to Utah @
  3. Choose a theme or simply explore those stops that interest you
  4. Register to save captivating objects, ideas and places for further exploration

Resources for Further Exploration - Register Now

When you register, you'll have access to resources, maps and destinations around Utah and will be able to save them to your personal portal after your visit. The Trailhead is designed for you to personalize your visit and save these points of interest: objects, concepts, possible future exhibitions you'll take around our beautiful state.