Workshop Handouts

Sharpen your science teaching skills! NHMU offers a variety of professional development opportunities to increase the efficacy of teaching science.  Learn first-hand how to engage your students in scientific inquiry through Natural History Museum of Utah Educator Workshops. 

The links below will allow you to print or download all workshop handouts provided by the Natural History Museum of Utah.  

All Workshops 

Inquiry in Your Classroom 

4th Grade Science Core 
What is Inquiry Learning? 
Creating Authentic Learning Environments 
Student Engagement! 
Designing an Inquiry Activity 
Assessing Inquiry in Your Classroom 
Using “Wrong Answers” as Teaching Opportunities 

Classroom Activities

Facts and Inferences 
Igniting Inquiry 
Recording Stars

Geology Workshop Materials: What Rock is That? 

Geology PowerPoint 
Where Can I get Rock and Mineral Specimens? 
Geology Resources for Teachers