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Anthropology Lab

The Anthropology Collections require constant vigilance and care in order to preserve them for the future.  The collections consist of objects made of organic materials such as bone, ceramic, plants and leather.  The Anthropology Lab enables the Museum staff to properly care for the collection, including the oldest and most fragile objects.

A stone spear tip.
Fun Facts

The Anthropology Lab is designed to help preserve and protect objects with facilities and equipment including a fume hood, movable air exhausts, compact shelving, and work space for faculty, students, staff, interns, volunteers and outside researchers.  The lab keeps records dating to the early 1900s.

Researchers are currently working with anthropology collections to better understand:

  • Past climates in the Great Basin
  • Origins and behaviors of prehistoric people in the region


A carved stone figure.
Daily lab activities include:

  • Labeling, photographing and cataloging incoming objects
  • Stabalizing and conserving colleciton objects
  • Maintaining records associated with objects including loans to other researchers and institutions
  • Assisting researchers studying objects in the collections
  • Advising and teaching University students studying Anthropology with interests in Museum Sciences