Explorer Corps


Explorer Corps is the statewide road trip adventure brought to you by the Natural History Museum of Utah. It offers 29 destinations—one in every county of Utah—that provide opportunities to learn more about this state's amazing natural and cultural history.

Explorer Corps Participation

Whether you're a lifelong resident of Utah or a roving tourist, Explorer Corps will bring you a greater understanding and appreciation of this remarkable state. 

To participate, simply visit as many Explorer Corps markers as you wish and track your discoveries using the Explorer Corps app or physical passport.

You can also follow the Museum on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about Explorer Corps and to win prizes throughout the summer!

Other Ways to Participate

We love seeing and sharing Explorer Corps stories! When you visit a marker, document your visit or journey, share them on social media with #ExplorerCorps, or use our Share Your Stories form. You may then be featured on NHMU's website, social media channels, and perhaps other Explorer Corps marketing materials!

Tip: photos with people in them are more compelling than just marker photos!

Visiting the Explorer Corps markers has been a way for us to connect to a specific place in a deeper way. At each stop we learn something new, and another reason why Utah’s so extraordinary. I encourage you all to hit the road with Explorer Corps.

— Deidre Henderson, Utah's Lieutenant Governor


How do I use the Explorer Corps app?

  1. Download the new NHMU Explorer Corps app on iOS or Android and create a profile. 
  2. Enable location services.  
  3. Visit a marker location, open the marker page in the app via the map or a tour, and hit the STAMP button to log your visit. When you hit a marker visit milestone, you'll earn a reward. 

Can I get credit for markers I visited with the passport booklet?

YES. To transfer visits, please use this form to request your visits moved from the passport booklet to the app, and NHMU will do the rest.

How does the Explorer Corps app track my marker visits?

Once you’re near a marker with the app open and ‘location services’ enabled, press ‘STAMP’ on the marker page. The button will show ‘STAMPED’ with a check mark; the location name in the tour will be grey instead of black; and the map will show a grey pin for that location. 

Do you want to know about my Explorer Corps adventures?

YES. You can share your photos and stories with us here OR you can share them on your own social media. Please use #ExplorerCorps and tag @NHMU on Instagram and @NaturalHistoryMuseumofUtah on Facebook. Thank you!