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Explorer Corps Marker Locations

Let Your Search Begin!

Search the following list of counties to see detailed overviews of their Explorer Corps highlights complete with coordinates and maps. Then, download the official Explorer Corps mobile app or pick up a printed Explorer Corps Passport from a participating library to keep track of your discoveries.

Search by County

Keep Exploring


Download the free Explorer Corps app from NHMU for iOS and Android to discover more markers and track your progress.

Once you have downloaded the app, click here to
enter the Race to 29!
for a chance to win great prizes.

Check back soon for details on how to earn stickers with your visits to each marker.


Share your Explorer Corps discoveries using #ExplorerCorps!

A Special Thanks

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Supporting Partners



The Natural History Markers of Utah and Explorer Corps programs were founded with invaluable support from
Big D Construction, O.C. TANNER, and the Utah State Legislature.