Track Your Marker Visits

Two Ways to Explore

Keep track of your Explorer Corps marker discoveries with a brand-new mobile app or the official Explorer Corps passport. Learn more about each below.

The New App

The brand-new Explorer Corps app available on iOS and Android. Download it today to start checking in at every Explorer Corps marker you discover! You'll also find suggested road trips that string together selected markers to learn more about topics like Utah's dinosaurs!

Three images showing screen shots from the Explorer Corps app.

The Physical Passport

Passport cover

Download your printable Explorer Corps Passport or pick one up at  participating libraries in Utah. Inside the passport you'll find details on the 29 locations and blank pages on which you can capture rubbings of every unique marker. They're great for young explorers traveling without a mobile device. Grab a passport then let your quest to discover all 29 markers begin! 

Download the Passport