Vikings: Beyond the Legend, now open
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Explore a billion years of awesome at NHMU
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Vikings of the Museum

Don't be surprised if you encounter a Viking in the flesh as you explore Vikings: Beyond the Legend

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Blue Grass & BBQ: The Rail Jumpers

Bluegrass & BBQ is back, and our first show is August 9!

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Summer Floral Arranging Workshop

Taught by Pam Olsen of Native Flower Company

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Posted June 29th

Of Mice and Meadows

A new exhibit in the Land Gallery shows how small mammals tell us about the past and present of the Great Basin ecosystem.
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Posted June 7th

Science beyond the headlines

A new study adds evidence to one hypothesis about why so many bones ended up at Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.
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Posted May 26th

Eric Rickart, A True Natural Historian

Shannen Robson discusses Dr. Eric Rickart, NHMU's curator of vertebrate zoology.

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