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Genome: Unlocking Life's Code

A new special exhibition!

Now Open

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Help us spot Utah Fireflies!

Track sightings and contribute to the Utah Firefly Citizen Science Project here! 

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What's Happening

Daily Events at the Museum

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2016 Summer Camps

K - 8th Grade

Registration now open!


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DNA Fest!

Explore the world of genetics All ages. Saturday, July 9

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Family Paint Mixer

Wednesday, June 29

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From the Blog
Posted June 11th

Hide Your Stuff in Plain Sight: Up a 1,000-Foot Rock Face

Our researchers seek to understand why Fremont Indian granaries in Range Creek are located far above the ground in hard-to-reach but easy-to-see locations. It turns out that high visibility can sometimes be a great deterrent to theft.
From the Blog
Posted June 3rd

Curling Tongues for Science: the Interactive Trait Tree

How we look is determined by genetics, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. We share more than you might think.
From the Blog
Posted May 26th

Digitizing our Herbarium Collection

Digitizing museum collections is no small task. We accomplish it with a well-thought-out plan and some crucial people doing the work.

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