An artist's illustration of the dinosaur Akainacephalus johnsoni
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Nature's Ultimate Machines: A special exhibit at NHMU
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Explore a billion years of awesome at NHMU
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Science of Invention Festival

Unleash your inner inventor August 11

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Photo Contest

Capture the Nature All Around Us and enter your photos to win!

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Bluegrass & BBQ, Aug. 15

See Pixie and the Partygrass Boys!

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$5 After 5 p.m.

Enjoy NHMU on Wednesdays after 5 p.m. for only $5 per person!

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Natural Indigo Dye

Our final Craft Workshop this year will be Sept. 19

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Highlights Tours

Discover something new at NHMU on an expert-led Highlights Tour

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From the Blog
Posted August 1st

How a Museum Artist Made a Firefly Glow

Emily Szalay, a preparator with the Natural History Museum of Utah, has made a super-sized version of a lightning bug.
From the Blog
Posted July 31st

A Quest for More Critical Thinkers

Research Quest is an online series of investigations, including videos, instructional guides, 3D images of digitized museum objects, and more.
From the Blog
Posted July 19th

Spiky-Headed Dinosaur a First for Utah

What’s covered in spikes and 76 million years old? The answer isn’t a prehistoric pincushion. It’s Akainacephalus johnsoni, the newest dinosaur to be named from Utah.

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