Explorer Corps in Action

Explorer Corps is about inspiring discovery of Utah's incredible natural and cultural wonders. Here are some of the stories behind seven of the 29 Explorer Corps markers, filmed with partners across the state.  

Uintah County

Be Bold Little Ones recently took an Explorer Corps road trip to Uintah County to see Dinosaur National Monument and the Utah Field House, discovering more about the sights they visited with an Explorer Corps Passport in hand.

Sanpete County

Meet father and son rock climbers Jason and Noah Stevens as they share their passion for Sanpete County's Maple Canyon and their story of developing its world class rock climbing reputation.

Weber County

Discover Weber County's Blue Ribbon Fishery, offering a high quality fishing opportunity right in the heart of Ogden City. Ben Nadolski, the regional supervisor with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, explains the effort undertaken to revive a beautiful 1.1 mile reach of once blighted and neglected river, now a beautiful fishery enjoyed by all.

San Juan County

Navajo photographer Samuel Jake (Instagram @samueljjake) joined Explorer Corps on a visit to San Juan County’s spectacular Comb Ridge, where he explored ancient ruins and reflected on his ancestors and their connection with the land.

Beaver County

Artist Rhiannon Williams found unexpected inspiration when traveling with Explorer Corps in Utah's Tushar Mountains. Located in Beaver County, the mountains—with their kaleidoscope of colors and awe-inspiring vistas—were a perfect subject for Rhiannon's watercolors this summer.

Iron County

The Fontes Fourpack took an Explorer Corps road trip off the beaten path to see the petroglyphs at the Parowan Gap in Iron County. The Explorer Corps map to destinations in each of Utah's 29 counties has provided the family with a framework for exploring the state together, while the app allows them to scan markers to learn more upon arrival.

Emery County

Explorer Corps joins the paleontologist at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Emery County, Utah, to learn more about this mysterious site where more than 12,000 dinosaur bones were discovered.

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