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DinoFest 2018 Speaker: James O. Farlow

DinoBite — 2:30 p.m.

"Big vs. Bouncy: Body Size, Limb Proportions, and Relative Stride Length in Bipedal Dinosaurs"

What information can researchers gain from a dinosaur track? Join Dr. Farlow and hear how dinosaur trackways give researchers insights into the size and stride length of dinosaurs as well as differences in their locomotion which can reveal valuable information about these animals.

James O. Farlow earned an undergraduate degree in zoology from Indiana University, and a PhD in geology from Yale University. For most of his career he taught courses in geology, paleontology, and oceanography at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne (now Purdue Fort Wayne), where he is now an Emeritus Professor of Geology. Dr. Farlow’s research interests include functional morphology, paleobiology, and ichnology of dinosaurs and other archosaurs, and late Cenozoic vertebrates of Indiana. Farlow serves as editor of the Life of the Past book series for Indiana University Press.

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