Stay Curious, Utah! 2023-2024

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Join us on a journey this school year to satisfy your students’ curiosity about Utah’s natural history and the natural world. This year's theme will be Stories of Conservation and Hope. Each webinar will explore this theme in different ways, so be sure to tune in for each webinar to learn throughout the school year! 

Throughout the year, join an NHMU educator and a scientist or community member to explore a different topic. Bring wonder about the world around us directly into the classroom through these online webinars! Each Q&A webinar includes:

  • Brief intro into the theme or topic
  • Time for student-submitted questions
  • A short storytime for the K-2nd webinar

Thanks for exploring with us, and stay curious, Utah!

Have questions for us? Please contact us if you want to know more about the program or the Museum.

Michiko with a large snake

Wild Wonders

September 14, 2023


Join an NHMU educator and Michiko Berceau, Director of Wildlife Center of Salt Lake, to learn about wildlife rehabilitation here in Utah.

Photo of Brad Perry

Conserving Culture

November 1, 2023


Join an NHMU educator and Brad Parry, Vice Chairman and Natural Resources Officer for the Northwestern Band of Shoshone, to learn about how his tribe is preserving their culture and the work they are doing in building the Boa Ogoi Cultural and Interpretive Center.

Photo of Alexandra Ponette-González

Exploring Environments

February 14, 2024


Join an NHMU educator and Alexandra Ponette-González, NHMU Curator of Urban Ecology, to explore how her research is developing new ecological questions focused on Salt Lake City.

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