Teaching Toolbox: Bison

Bison Toolbox

Learn about the relationship people have had with the bison for centuries from ceremonial reverence to the utilization of every physical part of the animal. Examine and hold some of the many parts that have been used in everyday life as you contemplate our continued fascination with this remarkable creature.


What's in the Bison Toolbox?

Specimens: Skins, fur pieces, and hides; 1 horn; 3 foot bones; 1 bone awl; 1 bladder for water/cooking; 1 small tail part with hair; 1 bladder for holding colored quills; 2 teeth; 1 hoof sheath; 3 dew claws; 2 Hump Bones; Pieces of stomach; Sinew

Printed Materials: Bison Dreams, Buffalo Dreams, The Buffalo in the Mall, Buffalo Nation, The Great Buffalo Race, The True Story of Nickel

Other Resources: Consumption and Preparation Article, Bison Facts, What is a Ruminant? What do Bison Eat? A Story Robe, A Parfleche Carryall, Leathering Paper, SL Tribune Article: The Antelope Island Herd, Photos, Charts

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