Teaching Toolbox: Bones

Bones Toolbox

Learn about animals by studying bones and skulls. Try to distinguish how animals are uniquely adapted for survival by observing differences in jaws, teeth, eyes, and other structures of the skull.


What's in the Bones Toolbox?

Specimens:  Pond Turtle shell, Snapping Turtle Skull, Black Bear skull, Beaver skull, Coyote skull, American White Pelican skull, Domestic Duck skull, Red-Tailed Hawk skull, Snake skeleton, Fish skeleton

Printed materials: Talking Skulls Lab, Comparative Animals Skulls, Animal Skull Identification, Skulls and Brains Lab, What Can a Skull Tell Us?, Bears by Deborah Hodge; Beavers by Deborah Hodge; Land Predators of North America by Erin Pembrey Swan; Navajo Coyote Tales by William Morgan, Hildegard Thompson

Teaching Toolboxes include relevant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards. 


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