Teaching Toolbox: Native Utah

Native Utah Toolbox

Learn using objects made by artisans from every native Utah tribe. Discover differences and similarities in how things are made and learn to recognize artistic characteristics of diverse people. Engage with stories written and illustrated by native children and elders from each tribe.


What's in the Native Utah Toolboxes?

Box 1 includes: Cradle Board: Goshute, Flute: All Tribes, Traditional Cattail Doll: Shoshone, Basket: Shoshone, Bag of Corn: All Tribes, Rabbit Fur Infant Moccasins: Shoshone, Digging Stick: Shoshone, Pine Nut Basket: Paiute, Rugs (2): Navajo, Adult Moccasins: Ute, Stick/Rock Board Game: Ute, Rose Necklace: Ute, Stirring Sticks: Navajo, Clay Pot: Navajo, Stick Game: Goshute, Duck Decoy: Goshute, Waist Sash: Navajo

Books: Pia Toya: A Goshute Indian Legend

Other Resources: Teacher's Manual

Box 2 (on location at NHMU) includes: Cradle Board: Shoshone, Drum: All Tribes, Drum Stick: All Tribes, Rugs (2): Navajo, Winnowing Basket: Paiute, Shinny Game: Ute, Child Gloves: Shoshone, Bear Dance Chamber: Ute, Growlers: Ute, Water Basket: Goshute, Wood Cradle: Navajo, Bag of Corn: All Tribes, Dye Package: Navajo, Hair Brush: Navajo, Basket: Navajo, Belt Decoration: Ute, Stick Game: Paiute, Stick Toy: Shoshone

Books: Coyote Steals Fire: A Shoshone Tale, Pia Toya: A Goshute Indian Legend

Other Resources: Teacher's Manual

Items in the box such as the games and the cradle board are replicas of the originals and have been reproduced in miniature size for the toolbox.

Teaching Toolboxes include relevant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.  


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