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Plants Toolbox

Plant specimens from Utah's diverse habitats are accompanied by curriculum, activities and resources for studying adaptation and classification. See examples of Utah plants from wetlands, forests, and deserts. Learn to sort and classify using seeds, plant specimens and important botanical resources.

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What's in the Plants Toolbox?

30 preserved plant specimens from all the habitats of Utah.

Other materials include: quadrat for population studies, plant press, magnifying lenses, many different types of seeds, slice of tree trunk, rulers and other materials for lessons.

Related plant books: Ancient Harvest by Storad and Joyal, Introducing Flowers, Ferns, Fungi & More by Hickman, Tell Me, Tree by Gibbons, From Seed to Plant by Gibbons, Plants of the Rocky Mountains by Kershaw, Pojar and Alaback, Once There Was a Tree by Harrington, How to Identify Plants by Larsen

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Teaching Toolboxes include relevant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.