Teaching Toolbox: Rocks and Minerals

Rocks & Minerals Toolbox

Examine the differences between rocks and minerals and learn how each was formed. Discover how rocks and minerals are important in our everyday lives. Compare specimens in the different stages of the rock cycle.


What's in the Rocks & Minerals Toolbox?


Minerals: Hematite, Galena, Magnetite, Pyrite, Calcite, Ulexite, Malachite, Quartz, Amethyst, Variscite, Chalcopyrite, Fluorite, Dolomite, Graphite, Gypsum, Desert Rose, Halite, Aragonite, Mica, Geode.

Igneous Rocks: Obsidian, Granite, Pumice, Basalt, Wonderstone

Metamorphic Rocks: Gneiss, Schist, Quartzite, Marble

Sedimentary Rocks: Sandstone, Conglomerate, Limestone, Coal

Box includes other items such as books, streak plates, and other resources. 


Lessons included are in both English and Spanish.

Teaching Toolboxes include relevant curriculum tied to Utah State Core Curriculum Standards.


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