NHMU After Dark
Satisfy your curiosity for the natural world. Expand your mind.
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Holiday Nights at NHMU

Join us for Holiday Nights at NHMU for Museum guests of all ages and get an additional 10% in the Museum Store!


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For Educators

Discover info on field trips, workshops, teaching toolboxes, and more! 

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Birthday Parties

Take the stress out of birthday party planning and celebrate your child's birthday at the Museum



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Scientist in the Spotlight

Meet local scientists and learn something new every first and third Friday

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Architecture Tours

Explore the Rio Tinto Center's unique design, materials, green features and public art on a guided architecture tour

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Science Movie Night
Join us for free movie screenings the second Tuesday of every month to learn the science behind the movies
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Bug Brigade
Twice a month you can observe and handle live bugs to learn about their anatomy, behavior, and important ecological roles
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Utah's Animals
Join us for live animal observations


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2016 Spring Break

Make the most of your child's break from school by spending a day, two days, or even a whole week exploring science and the natural world! 



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2016 Summer Camps

Check back later for 2016 Summer Camps!

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Phun with Physics

Live physics demos like you have never seen before!



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Indian Art Market

Celebrate native arts and culture at the Natural History Museum of Utah


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HawkWatch: Birds in the Lab!

Join the HawkWatch crew and some of their fine feathered friends for the opportunity to observe live raptors up-close


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Girl Scouts at the Museum

NHMU offers several exciting workshops that will help your Girl Scout fulfill her badges and participatory patches 


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Discovery Classes for 2nd-3rd Graders

Discovery classes for Spring 2015 are now full. Please check back this fall for new offerings!


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NHMU Lecture Series

Check back in January for the 2016 NHMU Lecture Series Line-up!



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Boy Scouts at the Museum

Boy Scouts will enjoy a wide variety of hands-on, authentic experiences with natural history concepts


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