Yellowstone: Invisible Boundaries

Yellowstone Invisible Boundaries exhibit design

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About the Exhibit

This special exhibition focuses on the migrations of elk and other charismatic, wide-ranging wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It explores the challenges these animals face as they leave Yellowstone National Park and cross into surrounding multiple-use and private lands in search of winter resources. Their journeys link the ecosystem’s outermost foothills and ranch lands to its deepest, mountain wilderness.

The long-term conservation of Yellowstone’s migratory wildlife depends on the actions of landowners and other stakeholders far beyond national park borders. The exhibition’s three main partners—scientist Arthur Middleton, photographer Joe Riis, and artist James Prosek—collaborated to take a multi-disciplinary approach to the complex subject. Their work, along with beautiful videography by filmmaker Jenny Nichols, resulted in an exhibition that blends in-depth science, stunning imagery and film, interactive migration maps, original artwork, and much more. Invisible Boundaries tells the compelling story of animal migrations and cutting-edge conservation science in one of the world’s most renowned natural heritage sites.


Yellowstone: Invisible Boundaries was produced by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming. 

Exhibit Sponsors

Ginger E. & Robert D. Wallace Foundation

M Lazy M Foundation

Matthew B. Ellis Foundation

The Potter Family

Naoma Tate & the Family of Hal Tate

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National Geographic Expeditions


Elk on a snowy mountainside.