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Further Exploration


The Natural History Museum of Utah frequently hires volunteers to help with many different departments. Visit our museum volunteer webpage to see the current opportunities open to volunteers. If you are particularly interested in mammalogy, please send a letter of interest to either Dr. Eric Rickart at   or Dr. Shannen Robson at  .

NHMU Museum Exhibits

The museum includes many different galleries and exhibits that display vertebrate specimens and engage the public in learning opportunities related to vertebrate research. Along with our permanent exhibits, NHMU hosts a variety of temporary exhibits. Check out a list of all exhibitions, including special exhibitions that are open or coming soon.

Behind the Scenes at the museum

One weekend a year the museum opens its' doors to the research and collections rooms in the museum. You will get a chance to view all of the collections the museum houses as well as get a chance to talk to some of our researchers about the important work they are doing to enhance our knowledge of our natural world. Please join us on this day to get an exclusive look!