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Indian Advisory Committee

The Indian Advisory Committee advises the Natural History Museum of Utah on a broad range of issues affecting the use, care, study, and interpretation of Native American collections. Members advise and/or participate in planning programs and exhibits that meet the needs of Indian communities in the Intermountain West and expand knowledge about the indigenous people, cultures, and histories of this region. The Indian Advisory Committee was integral in the development of the Native Voices exhibition, and continues to keep the Museum apprised of contemporary issues and ideas as we revise and update the narratives shared in that space.
Members include representatives from each of Utah’s eight federally recognized tribes; representatives from the University of Utah (Indian Resource Center, Ethnic Studies, Social Work, ITSA, etc.); Urban Indian Center; Utah Office of Indian Affairs; Utah Board of Education/Title six leadership ; Community-
at-large representative(s).


  • Jeannette Badback, White Mesa Ute
  • Candace Bear, Skull Valley Goshute
  • Gwen Cantsee, White Mesa Ute
  • Betsy Chapoose, Ute Tribe
  • Dan Edwards, Ethnic Studies, U of U
  • Genevieve Fields, Confederated Tribes of Goshute Indians
  • Richard Graymountain, San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, Northern Area
  • Jeanie Groves, Title Six Coordinator, Alpi
  • Dustin Jansen, Director, Utah Division of Indian Affairs
  • Dorena Martineau, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
  • Dena Ned, CSW Social Research Institute, U of U
  • Phefelia Nez, Navajo Nation
  • Maurice "Mo" Smith, Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake City
  • Rupert Steele, Confederaqted Tribes of Goshute Indians
  • Franci Taylor, American Indian Recource Center, U of U
  • Patty Timbimboo Madsen, Northwesstern Band of Shosone
  • Braiden Weeks, Community at Large
  • Carlene Yellowhair, San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe