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The Land Gallery at NHMU.
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The Land Gallery at NHMU.
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The Land Gallery at NHMU.
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A journey through three distinct physiographic regions formed over millions of years, the Land showcases Utah’s Middle Rocky Mountains, Basin and Range, and Colorado Plateau.

While navigating the switchbacks, touch real rock specimens and explore interactive exhibits on earthquakes, plate tectonics, erosion and much more. 

Be sure to venture out onto the outdoor terrace for an upclose look at the foothills of Utah’s Middle Rocky Mountain region.  This space was made possible through a generous donation In Honor of the Employees of Wheeler Machinery Co.

Explore the Land exhibition on a Virtual Field Trip or with the 360 Tour displayed below.

Click and drag within the frame to navigate and click panel icons to read exhibit panels. You can change scenes within the exhibit by clicking arrows at the bottom of the frame. 

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