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Nature of Color

The Colors of Our Collections

The Stories Behind the Objects

The objects displayed on this page appear in the "Colors of Our Collections" case inside The Nature of Color at the Natural History Museum of Utah. While The Nature of Color is a traveling exhibition produced by AMNH in New York, this particular case highlights a rainbow of richly colored objects selected from the diverse collections at NHMU.

Since these vibrant objects were solely chosen based on their colorful appearances, we wanted to give collection managers an opportunity to share some of their interesting stories as well. From culinary delicacies to prehistoric tools, these selected items are more than just pretty faces. Click on an image, scroll down, and read the captions to learn more about each object from an NHMU scientist.

Brittlegill mushroom
Lobster mushrooms
A deer mouse
A northern cardinal
A mountain bluebird
A Fremont drill bit made of red chert from Range Creek, Utah.
A hand-carved warrior mask by Kwagiulth artist Matthew James, of British Columbia, Canada.
A Hopi Patung kachina from Arizona, part of the Zions Bank Four Corners Collection.
A beaded apron
Red penstemon
Madagascan sunset moth
Atlas moth
Blue morpho butterflies
Second sacral vertebra and rib and caudal vertebra
Petrified wood
Bearded thorny oyster shell
A green shell
A carved wooden cat