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News from Our Scientists—Digitizing Our Collections

Seeing Collections in New Ways

There's more to many museum artifacts than meets the eye. Digital technologies help scientists unlock hidden stories. In our current News from Our Scientists exhibit we're telling the story of how CT scans revealed an ibis preserved in an Egyptian mummy.
Digital and CT Scanning, photography, and 3D printing give scientists new ways to see beyond the surface of artifacts and manipulate and test them in computer models. Digitized objects can be shared globally and utlized by scientists everywhere. 
The exhibit features an Ibis coffin with a mummified Ibis that was a gift to the University of Utah from Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat in 1977. 
Alyson Wilkins, NHMU's collections digitization coordinator

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News from Our Scientists is a rotating exhibit featuring the work of the Museum's scientists.

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