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Experience Native American Art and Culture and Shop for One-of-a-Kind Items at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s Ninth Annual Indian Art Market

A public show and sale featuring traditional handcrafted Native American arts and crafts
from 31 artisans representing nine tribes across the Western United States

Friday, October 1, 2021


SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 1, 2021For an immersive experience at the intersection of culture, art and nature, join the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) for its 2021 Indian Art Market on Saturday and Sunday, October 9 – 10, in the Museum’s expansive Canyon area and is free to attend.

Nestled along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, at 301 Wakara Way, marketgoers can browse, shop and meet individual artists from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Additionally, NHMU will host an online market for the entire month of October, putting shoppers in touch with more artists online to purchase their work. All proceeds from the show and market go directly to the artists.

Offering a wide variety of mediums—including pottery and sculpture, painting and photography, jewelry and kachinas, and more—the market brings the very best of Native American art from the western region to Salt Lake City.

This year’s renowned show and sale will feature diverse works from 31 top regional Native American artists. Sure-to-be highlights of this year include Navajo artist Michael Billie, who works in mixed media with encaustic and resin that lets the observer see into the piece beyond its surface as if looking into the piece’s soul; Navajo artist Bruce Joe, who is considered one of today’s finest traditional Navajo jewelers, specializing in unique inlay jewelry; native painter Gilmore Scott, who incorporates traditional geometric designs similar to that of Dine’ rug weavers into his simple and harmonic Navajo heritage and high desert southwest landscape paintings; the renowned, self-taught traditional clay artist Pahponee of the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas; and the prestigious Northern Ute artisan Mariah Cuch, who works in a variety of traditional arts as well as fine arts, silversmith, stone carving and other mediums.

“With Utah’s rich Native American history, we especially love this event at NHMU and hold it near and dear to our hearts,” said Museum Store Manager and creator of the Museum’s Indian Art Market Suzanne Ruhlman. “NHMU’s Indian Art Market is a great way to see and collect authentic native artwork and hear the stories behind those creations from the artists themselves. It’s quite exciting to anticipate what expressive new works artists will present each year. Their creations are always exquisitely crafted and delightfully unique.”

Guests browsing the market will also enjoy the soothing melodies of native flute by the award-winning performer Nino Reyos. Indian Art Market visitors are invited to explore the Museum’s 10 permanent galleries, including the First Peoples and Native Voices exhibits, with a regular Museum admission ticket. Advanced reservations are recommended. This information and Museum tickets can be found online at:

2021 Indian Art Market Artists (In person and online)

·       Bruce Joe – Navajo – jewelry

·       Bob Lansing – Navajo – pottery

·       Michael Billie – Navajo– mixed media

·       Frank and Evelyn Chee – Navajo – jewelry

·       Todd Westika – Zuni – fetish carvings

·       Mariah Cuch – Northern Ute – beadwork/jewelry/2D

·       Priscilla Tacheney – Navajo – photography

·       Rick Worker – Navajo – jewelry

·       Peggy Fontenot – Patawomeck/Potawatmi – photography/beadwork

·       Gilmore Scott – Navajo – painting

·       Robert Johnson – Navajo – jewelry

·       Shawn Deel – Hopi/Navajo – kachinas

·       Roxanne Seoutewa – Zuni – jewelry

·       Carlos Laate – Zuni – pottery

·       Pahponee – Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas – pottery

·       Aaron Garcia –  Santo Domingo – jewelry

·       Nelson Garcia – Santo Domingo –jewelry

·       Randy Dukepoo Sr – Hopi/Laguna – pottery/2D/sculpture

·       Susan Hudson – Navajo – textiles

·       Herb & Veronica Thompson – Navajo – jewelry

·       Jimmie Harrison – Navajo – jewelry

·       Kevin Horace-Quannie – Hopi/Navajo – sculpture/painting

·       Andy Marion – Navajo – jewelry

2021 Indian Art Market Artists (Online Only)

·       Norman Lansing – Ute Mountain Ute – pottery/painting

·       Chase Kahwinhut Earles – Caddo Nation – pottery

·       Calvin & Pilar Lovato – Santo Domingo – jewelry

·       Peterson Yazzie – Navajo – jewelry/painting/sculpture

·       Ray D. Garcia –  San Felipe – jewelry

·       Toney Mitchell – Navajo – jewelry

·       Keli'I Kaleihua Eli – Zuni – sculpture