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The Natural History Museum of Utah Presents the 2017 Indian Art Market

Authentic hand-made native works at the Rio Tinto Center

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Experience authentic Native American arts, crafts and culture at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s fifth annual Indian Art Market, Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15, 2017 at the Rio Tinto Center. Fast becoming a favorite event for Native American art connoisseurs and local supporters of indigenous arts, this juried show and sale will feature more than 20 native artists, including last year’s three award winners and several new artisans submitting work for the very first time.

Held in the Museum’s expansive Canyon area, visitors are welcome to browse the market free of charge beginning at 10am until 5pm on October 14 and 15, 2017. Guests will enjoy the peaceful sounds of native flute throughout the day. Artists’ booths will feature unique carvings, jewelry, paintings, pottery and more, and as in previous years, artists will each select one creation to present to a panel of judges with the hope of receiving one of four awards. 

“Although the Museum’s Indian Art Market is not a large show in comparison to others across the country, we continue to attract amazing talent as well as a diverse and supportive following from local communities and Native American art lovers from around the state,” says Suzanne Ruhlman. 

Submissions new to this year’s show include beautiful hand-carved Kachina, by Navajo/Hopi artist Shawn Deel, unique beadwork incorporating natural materials by Odawa artist Sharon Trudeau and stunning silver and stone jewelry by Navajo artist Mary Tom — just to name a few.

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2017 Indian Art Market Artist List:

  • Aaron Garcia – jewelry - Kewa/Santo Domingo
  • Alex Sanchez – jewelry – Navajo
  • Andy Marion – jewelry – Navajo
  • Christie Latone – jewelry – Zuni
  • Cynthia Yazzie – pottery – Navajo
  • Evelyn & Frank Chee – jewelry – Navajo
  • Gil Scott – painting – Navajo
  • Jeremy Rosetta – jewelry – Kewa/Santo Domingo
  • Jesse Johnson – jewelry – Zuni
  • Jimmie Harrison – jewelry – Navajo
  • Mary Tom – jewelry – Navajo
  • Mitch Battesse – painting – Potawatomi/Chickasaw
  • Nelson Begay – jewelry – Navajo
  • Nelson Garcia – jewelry – Kewa/Santo Domingo
  • Norman Lansing – pottery & jewelry – Ute
  • Pahponee – pottery – Kickapoo
  • Peggy Fontenot – photography & jewelry – Potawatomi/Cherokee
  • Phyllis Coonsis – jewelry – Zuni
  • Randy Dukepoo – kachinas & painting – Hopi
  • Rosabelle Shepard – jewelry – Navajo
  • Sharon Trudeau – beadwork – Odawa
  • Shawn Deel – kachinas – Navajo/Hopi
  • Susan Hudson – textiles/quilts – Navajo
  • Todd Westika – fetishes – Zuni