Traveling Treasures

Traveling Treasures 2018

For more than 20 years, the Natural History Museum of Utah and Zions Bank have worked together on Traveling Treasures, a robust annual outreach partnership designed to bring the state museum of natural history, and its collections, into Utah’s diverse communities. Every year, a team of educators, exhibit designers, bank personnel, and museum volunteers together create a new traveling exhibit which explores an intriguing aspect of the natural history of the state, region, or planet.

During its time on the road each year, Traveling Treasures visits up to 12 cities and hosts family science festivals throughout the state. This community programming allows the Natural History Museum of Utah to connect with Utah’s communities statewide—from Vernal to Delta, and Logan to Kanab.

Traveling Treasures 2024: Defense Experts

Most organisms wouldn’t survive long without defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators, the elements, and other dangers they encounter. Evolution has equipped living creatures with various surprising and effective defense strategies. Some build fortresses. Some intimidate. Some fight back. Some deceive. Defense plays a vital role in human cultures, too. We often reserve our highest respect for the people and beings that protect our communities. Explore fascinating stories of defense in this exhibit from the Natural History Museum of Utah, sponsored by Zions Bank.