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Foothill Nature Walks

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Have you ever wondered which wildflowers start blooming on the Wasatch and when?

Have you ever considered what species may be stirring – right under your feet – as you hike or walk the dog?

Here’s your chance to find out – for free: Join a Foothill Nature Walk this spring or summer!

We’re offering a series of 1-hour guided hikes starting at the Musuem and moving up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, to explore the flora and fauna of the season with the experts: NHMU's Herbarium Collections Manager Allison Izaksonas and special guests from Red Butte Garden. These events are free to attend, but registration is required. 

Come and enjoy a spectacular view of Salt Lake City and learn how to identify common flowers and plants, like the pink Longleaf Phlox (Phlox longifolia) and the yellow Longstalk Springsparsley (Cymopterus longipes). Who knows? You may even spy a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) soaring!

The Foothill Nature Walk will take place on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail behind the Museum. This is a beginner to intermediate level hike on rocky trail with simple inclines and some uneven footing. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring sunscreen, a hat, and water. Not appropiate for strollers. 


We do not have any walks this summer. Please check back next spring for the 2023 Foothill Nature Walk schedule.


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Explore the Wasatch with iNaturalist

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A Wildflower Walk in the Wasatch

Join NHMU's botany collections manager on a virtual wildflower walk to learn more about common spring flowers in the Wasatch.

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Making Observations with iNaturalist

Download the iNaturalist app to make observations of the plants, animals, and insects you find in the foothills!

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Printable Resources

Download or screenshot these fliers, developed by NHMU experts, to inform your next exploration of the foothills.

A plant guide.

Plant Guide

Vibrant, fragrant and hardy, the desert trees, shrubs and flowers found along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail hold a bright surprise each season.

A selection of weeds.

Spring Weeds of SLC

This one-page guide will show you eight spring weeds you're likely to spot along the trails in the foothills of the Wasatch Front this spring.



Follow a Botanist in the Foothills

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Plant Collecting

Follow NHMU's herbarium collections manager, Allison Izaksonas, into the foothills on a plant collecting mission.

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