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Range Creek Visitor Permits

The canyon is now open. 

Please note that the water levels are very high this year and crossing Range Creek on foot may be difficult for many visitors. We will update this page when the water levels are back to normal.

There will be a cattle drive on Horse Canyon road all day on October 4 that will impact access to Range Creek Canyon.

For general Range Creek process questions on how to obtain your season pass and reserve dates to visit the canyon, please contact Michelle Knoll via email or call 801-581-3876. If you are having technical difficulty with the online permitting system, please contact Museum IT support via email or call 801-585-1924. 

Access to the Range Creek Field Station is administered by the Natural History Museum of Utah and is limited to pedestrian and horse traffic. To protect the canyon, a maximum of 28 public visitors are permitted per day.

Visiting Range Creek Canyon

Map & Directions

Range Creek Visitor Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Directions for Purchasing Individual Season Passes

Step 1: Create a museum account here

Step 2: Purchase a Season Pass for $1 for each person. Passes are required for all visitors over the age of 5 and are non-refundable.

Step 3: Schedule a specific visit date. At no charge, you will be granted a Day Permit for each day you are visiting during the season. Season Pass holders may visit as many times as they like during the season, but not for more than five consecutive days and only with advanced reservations and a Day Permit. Only a total of 7 Day Permits will be available per season pass holder for the combined months of October and November.

* Permit information is subject to revision for future seasons.

Please Be Advised

  • Access to Range Creek Canyon beyond the North Gate Entrance is limited to pedestrian and horse traffic only.  There is no overnight access beyond the gate. Overnight camping is permitted only at a campsite provided outside the gate.

  • Individual public visitors are on their own while in the Canyon. There are no exhibits or staff available to provide tours in Range Creek Canyon.

Researchers: For administrative permits to work in Range Creek, please email Michelle Knoll

Guided Tours of Range Creek Canyon

Individuals wishing to take Guided Tours through Range Creek with an organized group, are encouraged to consult with our three designated partners (see below). 

These tour providers offer guided vehicular visits through Range Creek. Group tours stop at a variety of locations to view rock art, granaries and other features of interest along the thirteen-mile route to the historic Wilcox Ranch and current Range Creek Field Station Headquarters. 

Contact the providers listed below directly for more information.

Canyonlands Field Institute
Carbon County Outdoor Recreation
Tavaputs Guest Ranch