Research Projects, Presentations & Publications

The University of Utah, Department of Anthropology offers advanced degrees in the field.  Many department graduate students have initiated independent research projects after visiting Range Creek and have presented the results of these inquiries at conferences and seminars.  Listed below are some of these graduate students and NHMU research projects.

  • Hart, I.A., K.L. Thomas & D. Metcalfe: The Archaeology of Range Creek Canyon: An Introduction
  • Green, R.: Catchment Analysis Using GIS to Understand Prehistoric Foraging Behavior in Range Creek Canyon, Utah
  • Springer, C.H.: Archaeological Recovery of Nicotiana attenuata (coyote tobacco) in Range Creek Canyon, Utah-Preliminary Findings.

Arnold, S.:

Clark, J.K.:

  • Excavation and Geophysics at 42Em2861 in Range Creek, Utah
  • Features Beneath Middens: Test Excavations in Range Creek, Utah

Green, R.:

Metcalfe, D. & S. Arnold: Exploring the Cost of Hoarding in Range Creek Canyon, Utah

Springer, C.H.: Archaeological Report: 2006 Range Creek Channel Modification


Spurling, A.:Sourcing Range Creek Ceramics


Yentsch, A.: Dendroarchaeology in Range Creek Canyon, Utah


Kelsey, A., B. Corbin & C. Springer: A Flora of Range Creek Canyon, Utah