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Research Quest

Research Quest is a series of science investigations examining real world questions and designed especially for kids.

Led by NHMU scientists who are experts in their fields, students use the Research Quest website to analyze evidence and develop their own theories. Their goal? Help solve mysteries our own scientists are still trying to figure out! 
Research Quest was created by NHMU with help from an all-star team of learning experts, university researchers, museum professionals, and digital designers. The program:
  • Is perfect for middle schoolers and great for younger kids, too, with help from a teacher, parent or older sibling
  • Uses a custom website packed with videos, 3D viewers, models, interactive maps, and more
  • Is offered online at no cost thanks to generous NHMU supporters 

Research Quest aligns with the latest educational standards and is offered for direct use through your own, free Research Quest account, as a NHMU educator facilitated Research Quest Live session or as a Research Quest On-Demand class.

Are you a Parent? Teacher? Student? Scroll down and learn how Research Quest is right for you.

COVID-19 and Research Quest
As schools worldwide closed to help slow the spread of coronavirus, NHMU made Research Quest available online to kids everywhere.

In addition to using Research Quest through the program's website, NHMU is providing facilitated sessions through Research Quest Live and Research Quest On-Demand (available 24/7) - each taught by professional, NHMU educators and utilizing the full-suite of Research Quest resources.

NHMU is making these offerings available at a time when schools and parents everywhere are mobilizing to create the best possible distance learning opportunities for kids.

What kind of user are you?


If you're looking for cool learning opportunities for your child to use on their own, we recommend starting with the NHMU educator-facilitated livestreaming or on-demand classes. You may also create a free Research Quest account to use the investigations on your own.

Check out our Tips for Parents page for details.


You have several great options — each alligned with state educational standards. Our livestreaming and on-demand classes allow your students to use Research Quest with support from our NHMU educators. You can also create your own Research Quest account to use directly with your students which allows you to take full advantage of all Research Quest resources including instructional guides and more. 

Check out our Tools for Teachers page for details.


If you have log in information from your teachers or parents, follow the directions they have provided for class participation. 



Questions? Contact us!

If you have questions about any of the Research Quest resources, contact us here.