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Social Media Terms of Use


Purposes of NHMU social media sites

NHMU social media sites are to primarily inform Museum patrons and potential visitors about Museum programs, events (including those co-sponsored with other organization), research, and other activities, and to encourage dialogue and exchange of information and knowledge between users and Museum staff about these programs, events, and activities.  The Museum’s social media sites are not intended to be traditional public forums for the general exchange of ideas and viewpoints, but are limited purpose public forums for the above-stated purposes.

Use of NHMU Social Media sites

By using and/or posting on a NHMU social media site, you agree to comply with these Terms of Use, the terms of use of any applicable third-party host or provider, and the policies of the University of Utah.

Privacy Statement

You should have no expectation of privacy in postings on NHMU social media sites, and by utilizing these sites, you consent to the Museum’s right to access, monitor and read any postings on the sites. NHMU social media sites may be considered public records under Utah Public Records laws. If requested, the Museum must disclose public records to third party requestors unless certain exemptions apply. The Museum in its sole discretion shall determine whether postings on its social media sites are public records and whether exemptions from disclosure apply.
The Museum adopts the Privacy Statement of the University of Utah regarding information it collects about site users.  The Statement may be accessed at  

Ownership and Identity

Posters must use their real name and agree not to post under a pseudonym or the name of another person.  By posting on NHMU’s social media sites, you give the Museum permission to use your name, profile picture, and the content of any posting you make without compensation to you or liability on the part of the Museum. This permission ends if you affirmatively delete your posting. 


NHMU is not responsible or liable for the content of postings by third parties on any NHMU sponsored social media site, and posted comments and images do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of NHMU, its employees, the University of Utah or the State of Utah. External, non-NHMU links on this site do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the Museum.


While we encourage patrons and others to share thoughts and opinions about NHMU programs, events and activities on NHMU social media sites, we expect that this will be done in a respectful manner, in furtherance of the above stated purposes.  Postings must not otherwise violate local, state or federal law or University policy.  Accordingly, any postings inconsistent with these purposes, as determined by the Museum in its sole discretion, may be immediately removed in whole or part without notice.  In addition, the Museum reserves the right to ban or block users who have posted in violation of this policy.  We understand that social media is a 24/7 medium; however, our moderation capabilities are not. We may not see every inappropriate comment right away, and we are trusting in the maturity of our community to ignore personal attacks and negative speech or respond politely and to report violations of the policy to