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Egypt is now open. Included with admission. Reservations recommended. Reserve tickets here.
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Application for Teen Explainers

Thank you for your interest in the Teen Explainers program! To apply to the 2021-22 School Year Teen Explainers cohort, please carefully and thoughtfully fill out the application below. Note this form does NOT save progress. We recommend you read it in full before you begin, or that you plan your short response answers on a separate document.

Applicant information
Applicant contact information
Parent/Guardian Information
Applicant School Information
Program Requirements

General Program Overview

October and November: Teen Explainers learn about museums and visitor engagement

December through April: Teen Explainers implement communication skills and design interactive activities for museum visitors.

Please take a realistic look at your schedule before answering the following questions. See COVID safety information on the website for details on in-person meetings. 

More About You