Indian Art Market 2016: Susan Hudson, 3rd Place Winner

Congratulations to Susan Hudson, who won 3rd place at the Indian Art Market in October 2016. Below is a description of her work as told by the artist herself.


Ya a’ tey, 

Shi ee’ aszaah’ nish lii’

Susan Hudson yii niish yii Kee yah aa’ niih nish lii’ 

San Carlos Apache ii’ ee baa’ shish chiin’ 

Taabaa ii’ ee’ daa’ shi chei 

Naaki’ Din na ii’ ee daa’ shi Naah lii’


In order to be able to tell many stories with my quilts they have to be able to evoke emotions in people and to speak for themselves. From the very first dream that I have been blessed with, to sew it into reality, to the very last stich I am able convey the emotional impact that the quilt had on me.


To ensure that our Ancestor’s stories are never forgotten, I have made a mark on the Native Quilting world, and to open the doors for those that will come after me. To show that it has taken generations of Native quilters to help me become the artist that I am. By taking quilting to another level I have combined Quilting and Ledger Art consequently becoming a Contemporary Ledger Artist. 


By using the best quality materials my quilts are able to withstand the elements and time and to ensure that our decedents will be able to look at my quilts. 


The honoring of our ancestors, those that lived, cried, shed blood and died so we are able to be here and to tell their stories.


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