A worksheet showing observations of a dragonfly fossils

On-Demand Museum on the Move Lessons

Thank you for joining us for the Museum on the Move On-Demand Virtual Lessons! For this modality of virtual lessons you will not need to schedule a class. The platform we are using for our Utah state core curriculum-aligned On-Demand Classes is Nearpod. Nearpod is a simple-to-use online teaching program that provides interactive activities to students and complete reports of their progress and responses to teachers.

Museum on the Move On Demand Instructions


We will provide you with a link to a copy of our Nearpod lesson. If you do not have a Nearpod account yet, you will need to create one to use the class as an instructor. It is really easy to create the account, especially if you have a Google account, and you can use it for free. UEN has a partnership with Nearpod; therefore, Utah teachers from all the school districts have access to a licensed Nearpod account.

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Your students will explore pictures and 3D models of artifacts and specimens from the Natural History Museum of Utah's collections and learn more about science and engineering!

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Problem Solving in Place: Utah’s People and Culture

Understand how geography affects the ways people live in an environment and how the objects made by Utah’s tribes utilizing natural resources have specific functions that solve survival problems.

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Structure, Function, Survival!

In order to survive, animals and plants need the right structures to help them function in their habitat. This class is an excellent review of the vocabulary and topics in SEEd Standard 4.1.1 and includes post-activity prompts to explore 3D models and videos to encourage further learning.

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Fossils: Whose Fossil Is This?

Step into the shoes of a paleontologist and unravel the mystery of the unknown fossil. Observe the skull and the skeleton of the mystery fossil and infer the fossil’s lifestyle based on its structures. Be prepared to keep an open mind on the fossil’s identity as new evidence arises. This class emphasizes SEEd Standard 4.1.3.

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