Climate of Hope

Free with admission

Aspen trees.

About the Exhibit

Utah’s climate is changing and the impacts are profound. The good news is that it’s not too late to create a future in which humans and nature thrive—every bit of warming we prevent will help. Many Utahns are already taking action with a clear-eyed understanding of the challenges and a focus on effective solutions at hand. With this kind of rational hope, Utahns can work toward a healthy, prosperous, low-carbon future that benefits us all.

A Climate of Hope sets the stage by offering guests a path to rational hope in what is often perceived as a hopeless situation. The exhibit then explores the impacts of climate change in Utah before celebrating solutions that have been developed right here in our home state. Finally, as guests depart they are offered opportunities to connect with climate action at the local level.

Guests explore the Climate of Hope exhibit at NHMU

Explore the Exhibit Online

To expand the reach of this amazing exhibition, we have brought A Climate of Hope exhibit content online to be accessed by readers from all around Utah.