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This exhibit is now closed. See current exhibits.

A man posing as a viking

The special exhibition, Vikings, is open now at NHMU. It offers guests a contemporary look at the mysterious seafarers, farmers, traders, and plunderers who explored and harassed Europe more than 1,000 years ago.

The exhibition features more than 400 artifacts—some never before seen outside Scandinavia—including jewelry, funeral urns, weapons, game pieces, clothing, and even a piece of 1,000-year-old Viking bread. These recent archaeological discoveries have shed new light on the Viking age, dispelling long-held stereotypes about its people, traditions, and influence.

The beautiful, immersive exhibition includes video projections and over a dozen interactive displays that will help you experience the daily life of the Viking Age people. Start your journey today!

When you visit Vikings at NHMU you will:

  • See a reconstruction of a Viking boat discovered in a burial mound in Gokstad, Norway
  • Play a digital version of a popular Viking strategy game that pre-dates chess
  • Test the balance between the blade and handle of a replica Viking sword
  • Excavate a spectacular Viking burial boat, layer by layer, on an interactive touch table
  • Meet Vikings in the flesh, hear their stories and learn their skills

In conjunction with Vikings, the Museum will also be hosting a number of Viking-themed craft workshops

Vikings, a special exhibit at NHMU.

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The exhibition is a joint venture between and produced by The Swedish History Museum in Sweden and MuseumsPartner in Austria.