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The Natural History Museum of Utah's 2018 Indian Art Market, An Unforgettable Native American Art and Cultural Event

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Discover the rich history, inspiration and symbolism behind traditional Native American arts and crafts at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s sixth annual Indian Art Market, October 13 & 14, 2018 from 10am to 5pm. Featuring beautifully handcrafted works by more than 25 Native American artists, this juried event takes place in the Museum’s Canyon area and is FREE for the public.


“Every year, the Museum’s Indian Art Market offers the unique opportunity to buy authentic, high-quality jewelry, pottery, paintings, fetishes, Kachinas and more, directly from the individual artists,” says Museum store manager and market organizer Suzanne Ruhlman. “Buyers get to meet native artists face-to-face and hear the stories and inspiration behind specific creations. We love that this event connects artists to buyers through their shared enthusiasm and appreciation of indigenous art.”


Invited to return to this year’s market are the 2017 Indian Art Market winners Jesse Johnson (learn more about this two-time Best of Show winner), Pahponee (2nd Place) and Nelson Begay (3rd Place). Each year, artists submit one piece into the Best of Show Competition. A panel of experts selects the Best of Show, 2nd and 3rd place winners and each receives a cash award, along with an invitation to participate in next year’s show.


A number of native artists are returning to the show this year, and several new participants are attending for the very first time, including Northern Arapaho artist Robert Martinez, whose drawings and paintings have been shown from Wyoming to the halls of Congress, Navajo artist Morris Muskett, an award-winning weaver, silversmith and civil engineer from Church Rock, New Mexico and renowned potter Carlos Laate, who draws on ancient patterns and his Zuni Pueblo roots for design and inspiration. Artists Nino Reyes (Sat. 13) and Robb Martin (Sun. 14) will be filling the air with the sound of handcrafted native flutes each day. For more information, visit:

*Visitors wishing to browse the entire Museum, regular admission fees apply.

2018 Indian Art Market Artists

  • Pahponee — pottery — Kickapoo/Patawatami
  • Nelson Begay — jewelry — Navajo
  • Jesse Johnson — jewelry — Zuni
  • Mitch Battese — painting/drawing — Chickasaw/Prairie Band Potawatomi
  • Frank & Evelyn Chee — jewelry — Navajo
  • Bob Lansing — pottery — Navajo
  • Rosabelle Shepard — jewelry — Navajo
  • Todd Westika — fetish carving — Zuni
  • Lester Ortiz — jewelry — Navajo
  • Aaron Garcia — jewelry — Santo Domingo Pueblo
  • Nelson Garcia — jewelry — Santo Domingo Pueblo
  • Phyllis Coonis — jewelry — Zuni
  • Christine Latone — jewelry — Zuni
  • Alex Sanchez — jewelry — Navajo
  • Shawn Deel — kachinas — Navajo/Hopi
  • Susan Hudson — textiles — Navajo
  • Robert Martinez — painting — Northern Arapaho
  • Peggy Fontenot — photography — Patawomeck/Potawatomi/Cherokee
  • Gilmore Scott — painting — Navajo
  • Andy Marion — jewelry — Navajo
  • Carlos Laate — pottery — Zuni
  • Roxanne Seoutewa — jewelry — Zuni
  • Kevin Horace Quannie — painting/mixed media — Hopi-Navajo
  • Jimmie Harrison — jewelry — Navajo
  • Randy Dukepoo — painting/sculpture — Hopi
  • Manuel Weahkee — fetish carving — Zuni
  • Bruce Joe — jewelry — Navajo
  • Jay Jacob Livingston — jewelry — Navajo
  • Morris Muskett — jewelry and textiles — Navajo