Past Worlds Virtual Field Trip

Past Worlds

Utah’s ecosystems have undergone major changes over the past 150 million years. Study of fossils helps inform scientists about the plants and animals that once lived on earth and can indicate changes in the environment over time.

Extinction Events

Curious about what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? Join a Museum paleontologist to learn more about the massive extinction event that took place 66 million years ago at the end of the cretaceous period.


Ever wonder how fossils are formed? Dig into this video to discover the myriad of ways that fossils can be formed and how fossils provide evidence of stability and change in organisms and environments from long ago.

The Paleo Prep Lab

The Paleo Prep Lab plays an important role in the process between fossil excavation and display in the galleries. Join a Museum paleontologist to learn more about how fossils are prepared and the inferences we can make from different fossil structures.