Is The Greatest Snow on Earth in Danger?

As this winter season comes to a close, NHMU digs into Utah's claim to "The Greatest Snow on Earth," and whether or not it's in danger.

Carolyn Levitt-Bussian Recognized for Distinguished Service

NHMU Collections Manager Carrie Levitt-Bussian wins the Amos Award.

Zombie Ants

Researchers discuss zombies: The real, the fake, and their significance in science and culture.

NHMU's Hidden Minerals

The often-overlooked minerals collection at NHMU is full of visual surprises and lessons in crystal forms and chemistry. Find out where you can discover these gems at the museum.

A Fuzzy Invader—Fox Squirrels in Utah

After introduction to the West over a century ago, fox squirrels have finally made their way to Utah.

Utah Tyrannosaur Discovered After 76 Million-Year Slumber

What was it like to be there when a 76 million year-old tyrannosaur was airlifted from its longtime grave? And where had that grave been over those many millions of years?

The Birth of the Antiquities Act

Read about the early days of the Antiquities Act.

Weaving a Revolution: Contemporary Navajo Baskets

NHMU is honored to house The Twin Rocks Trading Post Collection, a collection of 250 remarkable baskets from the Utah Strip of the Navajo Nation, some of which are on display in our Native Voices gallery and Collections Wall. Read the story of how they came to be a new art form.

2017 Indian Art Market 3rd Place Winner, Nelson Begay

Returning Artist Nelson Begay took home 3rd place honors in NHMU's 2017 Indian Art Market.

2017 Indian Art Market 2nd Place Winner, Pahponee

Nationally renown artist Pahponee was awarded 2nd place in this year's Indian Art Market.